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by Editor on July 4, 2010

in Energy Healing

The study of the body’s chakra system is often referred to as Chakrology by its proponents, alternative medicine advocates and New Age theorists. The existence of our chakra system was first discovered by the Ancient Hindus more than four thousand years ago. They have used the model for healing and promoting and individuals well-being.

According to the Ancient Hindus, there are thousands of chakra points that make up the human body’s chakra system but of these, there are seven chakra points that are considered of major importance. This major chakra system which consists of the seven major points is our body’s main energy processing centers. As it is, they are our active connection to our consciousness and spiritual essence.

Each major energy point of our body’s chakra system possesses a unique function which contributes to a unique feature of our individuality. Although they work independently of each other, they are at the same time processing the energy they gather towards a common goal: our well being.

It is quite remarkable that despite the existence of numerous models of depicting the chakra system, there is one common denominator among all the models used. And that is the energy points correspond to a particular endocrine gland of the human anatomy!

The common representation of our major chakras is a straight ascending line along the spinal column from the base to the top of the head. Modern representations go one step further and assign the primary colors of the color wheel to each of the seven major energy points for a better illustration and to depict particular energy representations as colors symbolize different energy levels as well.

The importance of the seven major energy centers of our body can not be simply disregarded. Since they are continuously open (but invisible) gateways of energy from our surroundings, they directly affect our health and total well being should any glitch in their processes occur. Which is why, even if they are invisible to the eye, taking good care of them is necessary for good health.

Our body’s energy centers play a very important role in our well being ” both physically and spiritually.

Due to the holistic nature of energy fields, both within and outside our body, any interruption in the regular function of any of the seven major energy centers results in a corresponding malfunction in our physical being, which sometimes go unnoticed for long periods of time. It is therefore important that the complete body, both physical and metaphysical, is properly taken cared of and nurtured in order to achieve balance and harmony.

It is widely accepted that only five of our seven energy centers possess both an active and passive quality. These are the second to the sixth energy centers. Of the seven, the first and seventh energy centers do not have this active/passive quality inherent in the other five. This first and seventh chakra points are the ones that initially receive more energy than others.

It is necessary to understand and be conscious of the functioning of our chakra centers because more energy is channeled through the first and seventh energy centers. With constant exercise of our chakra points, we can manipulate them to send and receive energy equally.

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