Effective Stretches for Lower Back Pain

by Editor on October 20, 2010

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When an individual suffers from pain, it is human reaction to curl up in bed and obtain a lot of sleep and rest. Bed rest however, believe it or not, is never the solution for lower back pain as permitting the back to become sedentary will only intensify the problem. Pain is often the end result when the spine gets out of position due to tight and shortened muscles, in instances of lower back pain brought on by muscle spasms.

Back pain can be eased through the following effects of stretches for lower back pain which by the way, happens to be one of the best exercises for the back…
•    Shortened muscles are lengthened;
•    Muscles that are under a lot of stress are relaxed;
•    Boosts blood flow to the muscles and other support tissues of the back;
•    Flushes out lactic acid and other waste products that have piled up in the muscles via the lymphatic system;
•    Boosts range of motion of the joints of the spine.

Stretching exercises are also known as “sciatic stretch” because it helps to relieve sciatica pain. Before performing stretching exercises, always loosen up for 5 minutes by walking, biking on an exercise bike or simply marching in position. Ripping and other damages will not occur with the suitable warm up workouts.

For stretching exercises to be effective, one should maintain the stretch for about 60 to 90 seconds. For beginners, with an equal number of reps, maintaining the stretch for 5 to 10 seconds will be enough. A stretch held for 30 seconds would require 3 to 5 repetitions. When performing a stretch, never hold your breath so as to keep the muscles loosened up and make the exercises more effective. Here are some exceptional stretching exercises to try out…

Pelvic Twist
1.    Begin by lying down on your back with the knees bent and both feet flush on the ground.
2.    Breathe in deeply.
3.    While the small of the back is being flattened next to the floor, slowly exhale.  Employ your abdominal muscles when easing the back to the floor.  Never utilize the feet to help.
4.    Around 5 seconds delay would be enough.
5.    Gently loosen up.
6.    Perform this exercise 5-15 times.

Basic Twist
1.    Start by lying on the back and stretching both arms to the sides.
2.    Fold both knees and carefully pull nearer to the chest.
3.    Inhale deeply.
4.    As you bring down your knees to the floor to the right (keeping the knees together), breathe out gently.
5.    Gently breathe in as both knees are drawn up to the chest again.
6.    Lower both knees to the ground to the right side and exhale slowly.
7.    Breathe in gently as your draw your knees back to your chest.
8.    Do it again 5 times.

In cases of extreme pain, stretches for lower back pain may be done 2x a day and as a regular workout program everyday to preserve overall back health.  More natural back pain relief options on this Back Pain Relief Reports site.

The Cat
1.    Begin by dropping on all fours and make certain to keep the arms immediately under the shoulders and the knees immediately beneath the hips.
2.    Gently inhale while you lower your belly to the ground and lean your head up.
3.    Exhale slowly when returning to the original position.
4.    Gently alternate between the two poses and temporarily halt for several seconds with each pose.
5.    Do it again for 5 times.

Knee To Chest
1.    Start by lying down on your back and make certain to keep your knees folded and both feet flat on the floor.
2.    Hold the left leg, with both hands, just behind the knee.
3.    Draw the knee closer to the chest.
4.    So as to enable stretching of the front of the right hip, the right leg could be bent with the foot flush on the ground or the leg completely stretched.
5.    Maintain the position for 30 seconds.
6.    Bring down the left leg.
7.    Repeat the procedure with the right leg.
8.    Around 5 to 15 reps is best.

Piriformis Stretch
1.    This exercise will involve sitting on a chair.
2.    Fold your leg by setting your left ankle above your right knee.
3.    Lean forward and hang on for 30 seconds to feel the stretching of the lower left buttocks.
4.    Perform the same for the right side.

In instances of serious soreness, these stretches for lower back pain may be undertaken twice a day. When done as a normal exercise regimen, these exercises can be performed everyday or every other day.

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Cynthia February 11, 2012 at 11:15 pm

I definitely agree about this exercise stretching because it really relieves pain and to keep the muscles loosened up and make the exercises more effective.
Cynthia´s last blog post ..stretch marks on back

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