Should you mix apples with your vegetable juice?

by Tamara on February 1, 2010

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I know I’ve talked about this before in my blog posts, about food combining and the Great Taste No Pain program, but I just keep finding different opinions on the subject, so I thought I’d bring it up again.  I have come across several different articles in the past that recommend never to mix your fruits and vegetables (in your juice or not), but I have also found some other articles that contradict this way of thinking, so those are the ones I am referring to in today’s post.

My question I bring to you today is this:  Can you still get all the benefits of juicing when you are combining apples and vegetables together?  It is said that you cannot properly digest the combination of fruits and vegetables together when eating or juicing.  What is so different about apples?  Why would it be okay to mix apples with vegetables?

Some say there are some “neutral” fruits that are okay to mix with vegetables or vegetable juice — apples being one of them.  It seems that that’s not the only thing people disagree on when it comes to putting apples in your vegetable juice — they even disagree on why you should even put apples in your vegetable juices at all (as seen in the excerpts below).   Add apples for sweetness, so you can enjoy your vegetable juice or don’t add apples because they have too much sugar in them.

Here some excerpts from some articles and reports I’ve found on the subject: “Now when it comes to apples, they have a neutral affect on digestion and thus can be combined with vegetables. But saying that, limit the amount of apples you use because you want to be able to drink your juice with the least amount of sweetness possible.” Apples are the one fruit you can combine with your vegetable juice.  For the most part, vegetables require different enzymes for digestion than fruits. Therefore, we don’t combine fruits and vegetables. But apples are the one fruit you can combine with your vegetables.  Apples add a very nice sweetness and flavor to your vegetable juices. “Note that you should not eat fruits with any other food group. Fruits in general digest very rapidly, and typically contain lots of sugars… which means that you could invite fermentation of other carbs or purification of proteins.  An exception to this is the following low-sugar fruits, which you can eat freely with the other food groups:  lemons, limes, tomatoes, and avocados”. In this report and 7 day meal plan from the Great Taste No Pain program, it explicitly states “Do not eat anything else with fruit– Just eat fruit and nothing else”.

I agree with the last one from Great Taste No Pain.  Not just because I am selling the program, but because I have put apples in my vegetable juices on numerous occasions when I first started juicing, and although it made a big difference in taste, I got heartburn afterward.

I no longer put apples in my vegetable juice, and I feel great afterward.  I really can’t comment on the other fruits listed above because I have never tried combining them before, but I know I’ve seen lemons and limes included in several juicing recipes, so they might be okay.

One last thing on this subject — if you do not have any digestive issues at all, and you just want to be able to enjoy your vegetable juice, then adding in an apple or two should be fine for you.  I don’t have that luxury, so I’ll stick with the all vegetable juice.

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Leslie June 13, 2011 at 11:23 am

I say go for it! the V8 products are now mixed with fruits and vegetables.
Leslie´s last blog post ..Apr 13- Cuisinart Citrus Juicer – Customer review

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