Juicing Heals My Leaky Gut: Part 2

by Tamara on September 13, 2010

in Digestion

One of the things that can happen when you already have a weakened immune system is you can develop something called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.

Basically, our body has a semi-permeable intestinal wall or barrier that covers your digestive tract, and it’s there for a couple of reasons: 1)  it enables nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to be absorbed into your body, and 2) it sends digested food particles, in a recognizable form, through the wall to wherever they need to go in the body.

One of the ways you can develop this condition is by taking antibiotics.  Since I already had a weak immune system, the antibiotics almost instantaneously took me down.

Antibiotics indiscriminately kill all the bacteria in your gut – unfortunately they also take the good bacteria that are there to protect you.  Although I was taking probiotics (good bacteria) at the time, I just didn’t have enough of the good bacteria in my gut to support my weak immune system and prevent this attack.

What is this Leaky Gut Syndrome you ask? Well here is a description of it from wiki:

“when substances such as toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste, or ‘larger than normal’ macromolecules leak through an abnormally-permeable gut wall, they affect the body directly and create an immune reaction to these substances”.

Basically, I had developed a very permeable gut wall, and one of everything, mostly undigested food, was going through that wall and directly into my bloodstream as a toxin.  It is no wonder that I was so tired and weak that I really didn’t want to get out of bed, much more do anything else.  Continued in Part 3 of the Leaky Gut Series.

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